Teaming up to protect critical infrastructure and data from cyber threats


Virginia Beach, VA. – April 11, 2019 – SPARQ Global and ICISI announced their partnership today, extending their leadership and capabilities to protect the world’s most at-risk digital ecosystems. SPARQ’s managed cybersecurity solutions will be benchmarked against ICISI’s performance framework that measures the ability of technologies to protect and defend against cyber-based threats to businesses and industries throughout the world. ICISI’s framework simplifies how organizations and technology align with national and international standards, and builds confidence and trust that SPARQ solutions exceed the levels of performance needed to keep industry stakeholders safe from any cyber attacks.

“SPARQ Global and ICISI are committed to protecting critical infrastructure and data from cyber attacks and bad actors. SPARQ offers a classified, military-grade network to defend the most at-risk businesses and mission-critical organizations. With ICISI, we are taking cyber defense to the next level of protection to any industry stakeholder” said Dr. Bartosz Wojszczyk, CEO of SPARQ Global.

ICISI was formed to protect critical infrastructure. To deliver on this charter, ICISI partners with all critical infrastructure sectors ranging from transportation to finance. Its programs bridge the gap between sectors through training, research, workshops, and talent pool sharing. The SPARQ Global agreement extends ICISI’s portfolio and certifies SPARQ products and services to safeguard organizations from dynamic and growing cyber attacks.

“The ICISI-SPARQ partnership is a force multiplier, especially as it relates to ensuring vendors are doing the right things for the right reasons. Together we are creating a world where products can be trusted, a place where the cybersecurity of our critical assets is no longer too hard, too complicated or too expensive. Our partnership will drive the future of cyber-physical protections in new and exciting ways, truly “Democratizing Cyber-Physical”TM ” stated John Walley, Executive Director of ICISI.

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